gives materials
a surprising 3D look

A 100% Italian Converter production process with ad hoc machinery and specialized personnel.
Born in 2002, the 3D embossing technique has since been perfected with the 3D machinery built and adapted to respond to our clients' need for excellence.
It is possible to choose among our different patented embossing designs or customize the material with your own designs and logos. We have achieved the highest levels of definition, managing to obtain extremely detailed drawings and micro-reproductions as well as very high thicknesses.

The materials come to life!

1 design, 100 different aspects: by choosing even just one embossing design, it is possible to play with many materials, obtaining a new effect each time, thanks to our technical experts who know how to study the materials and interpret the technique in an astonishing way.
Our embossing technology has a permanent effect , is resistant to washing and can be done on different bases: satins, velvets, cottons, laminates , neoprene , glitter , leather , microfiber and on stretch materials, the true added value of Italian Converter's embossing innovation.