Embossing 3D Fabrics


The Embossing 3D Fabric technique was born in 2002. Over the years it has been perfected together with the 3D machines, built and adapted to meet the needs of excellence of our customers. Our customers can choose from our patented Embossing designs or customize the material with their designs and logos. The embossing definition level reaches very high standards, achieving very detailed designs, micro-reproductions and very high thicknesses.

Materials come to life with embossing of fabrics!
One design, countless results! Thanks to the study of our technical experts, able to interpret materials and technique in an extraordinary way, it is possible to obtain different effects on several materials by choosing only one of Embossing’s design.

Our technology gives a permanent and resistant effect even to washing and is realizable on different bases, including satins, velvets, cottons, laminates, neoprenes, glitter, leather, microfiber and stretch materials: This is the real added value of the innovation Embossing 3D fabrics by Italian Converter.