Our Bonding Service

Uniting quality materials
to create unique fabrics

Bonding, in the technical sense, is the process that joins two or more materials by gluing them together.
Thanks to this process, it is possible to create a product with characteristics aesthetically or technicallly superior to the two basic products.
Having this service internally for 24 years is important because it gives us the ability to offer our clients a complete service as well as being able to guarantee the quality standards that have always distinguished us.

For small and large

Italian Converter specializes in bonding both industrial sizesand small quantities for all types of materials: lace, nets, satins, velvets, cottons, nylon, wools, furs, sequins, sweaters, microfibers and more.
The unique bonding technology using bi-elastics and mono-elastics allows products, in terms of elasticity and comfort, to keep their original unaltered qualities.
Furthermore, given our recently undertaken sustainability track, along with our ongoing search for innovative and quality raw materials, we have introduced the use of water-based glue into our production which is completely solvent free and non-toxic, thus protecting the worker's health and the environment.