NEW AGE collection aw21|22

Something has changed inside us,
a desire for something new, a desire to respect the earth,
a desire to give life to brand-new concepts,
useful and necessary for us and consumers.

Here is how, in 2020, the biggest health emergency really loomed over our planet and here is how we are here to tell it,
through our new collection and the themes representing it.

The world that would have never stopped running, roaring and shining, this world has stopped for the first time.

“Dear world, dear human being, dear living being. . . “: We stopped to reflect deeply.
We have the opportunity to create fashion with responsibility.

NEW AGE: it is our collection of fabrics for footwear, leather goods, clothing and furniture whose creation really excited us.
A collection that is based on the reuse of what is beautiful already exists, giving it a new face to the step of what eyes and heart are waiting for.



This range has products without seasonality and definitely “timeless”. They are new updated basics, as basic and essential our new lives should be, but with a further level of depth. We focused on a minimal, luxurious approach. Because it’s true: you can live with less but it should be what you really like.

Core essentials: less is more


our home
Our nest

Touch comfort is the key to this soul of the collection.
Soft, voluminous touches, enveloping shapes that cuddle us.

The quilt, imagined on accessories, shoes and bags, reminds us of the “protection”
of a totally intimate environment like our HOME,
which has also become our new working environment.
Comfort for practical movements wants to enhance the psycho-physical well-being, as Gaia is working to restore its essence.

New cosy: comfort is a gem


A look at vintage

Woven with nostalgic and natural tones that make us relive old emotions. Vintage effects bringing us back in time. Elaborate finishes to give life to “forgotten” thing. 
Through materials we renew the sense of the past, so we give an eye to the past learning from it and improving the future.
We give vigour to local production.

Retouched nostalgia: old meets new


human digital connection

A soul that transmits the escape into an alternative reality between truth and fantasy. Digital is a way to escape where we can express ourselves.
We are living a new social reality that leads to the spontaneous and instinctive expression of our soul through our tissues.
Fabrics designed for the screen that react and interact with smartphones.
Durable fabrics thanks to high level performances.

Level-up: escape reality



Does our society respect the environment?
The E.C.O. Kosmos fabrics do. Italian Converter has created this line,
through a circular economy has changed the way of producing.
Italian Converter has chosen the most complex path to stress the importance of the so called “values”. We lead the consumer to appreciate de-materialisation.

Which way are you choosing?

New Decade: Mindset shift