MATERICA at Materials Village Superstudio Più | Milano Design Week 2019

Italian Converter among the protagonists, providing one of our best fabric, of MATERICA The Beautiful Side of Design at Superstudio Più – one of the headquarters of Milano Design Week:
an architecture on two floors that celebrates beauty as an authentic expression of design.
A tribute to the eclectic world of materials, in a fascinating encounter of shapes, textures and shades, in perfect Marie Claire Maison style.
The underlying theme of the exhibition: aesthetics, functionality and sartorial care. The project, born from the collaboration between Material ConneXion Italia and Marie Claire Maison Italia, is signed by Ar-o-studio, of the architects Andrea Steidl and Raquel Pacchini, with the creative direction of Cinzia Felicetti, Director of Marie Claire Maison.


Egitto: the most performing mesh born and designed by Italian Converter research & development department.

Its transparency is evocative and it can be declined in different colors. These characteristics in antithesis create a unique effects: resistant and at the same time soft to the touch. A mesh with a full-bodied structure, breathable and flexible depending to the final use, that allows to be inserted as an integral part in a suggestive context of harmonious and aesthetic functionality.

Designs available on Egitto:

Printing and 3D embossing, processes designed entirely by Italian Converter.