Like a Stone Collection SS22

Like a stone, every choice we make remains a sign on our planet

Like A Stone: a new way to imagine and create our fabrics, in harmony with the world around us.

A concept inspired by the nuances of color and durability of stones, silent witnesses to the passage of time on our planet.

A new conception of living and of man’s interaction with the environment that translates
into minimizing environmental impact, choosing durable, recycled, recyclable materials and activating an economic cycle based on creative reuse.

Sustainability for us means choosing green materials but above all responsible materials:
resistant over time, reusable and able to give life and substance to new creative reinterpretations.


Re-evaluation of our relationship with Nature
and its elements


Improving resource management,
for a more respectful and sustainable future

Every day we take inspiration from the Earth and, together with it,
we create fabrics with a strong link to Nature.

The Jasper soul is expressed in organic cottons, Hemp and Nettle,
biodegradable and natural fibers. 


Balance mind, body and soul
in perfect harmony

Between past and future,
between craftsmanship and evolution.

Inspired by the Unakite stone,
we want to return to the creativity of yesteryear,
the exaltation of summer colors
and the reworking of fashion classics.

Embroidery and jacquard are the soul of Unakite
the new vision of craftsmanship.


Develop technological fabrics that reduce the boundary between digital and physical

Creative and brilliant insight
for responsible evolution.

Opale is the soul that expresses intimacy and protection
with state-of-the-art materials: a play of nuances,
light textures and tactile translucency.

Opalescent and multifunctional fabrics
to inspire versatile creations