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We are a company specialized in processing, finishing and retailing of true quality polyamide microfiber not weave.

The production process is made principally inside our industrial company with a dedicated and specific technology for the microfiber treatment.


Our company was born in the new millennium, it is grown with a particular aim: to be the reference in Europe and in the world for microfiber processing, finishing and retailing.

Future believes in quality and enforcement value of microfiber in which is focalized all the work of the company, for this reason we can say that we are the best partners for all that reality that appreciate the microfiber value and want to use it in their manufactured articles.

Thanks to its look and especially for its technical features, Future’s microfiber can be used for many applications and many aims, such as:

  • Technical and fashionable shoes (for upper, lining and insoles)
  • Bags and backing
  • Garments
  • Furnishing
  • Performance gloves
  • Labels


under  microscope


under  microscope



The “microfiber” word means a non woven fabric with polyamide base or coagulated polyester that has the same or smaller title than 1 Dtex ( 1 Dtex is the equivalent of 10.000 meters of fiber per gram).
Their production request an accurate polymer control of purity and of the extrusion conditions and yarn cooling-off.
Even if it is a synthetic product, the microfiber molecular composition seen in section through the microscope looks like leather.

The main high-quality microfiber features are :

  • Weightlessness: Microfiber is 3 times more weightlessness than a same weight skin
  • High mechanical resistance: traction, tearing, sewing, delamination, bending, etc…
  • Excellent dimentional stability: very reduced extension in cross-section and also in longitudinal section
  • Good watertight, even allowing an excellent vapour permeability
  • Useable for sharp cut: observing the section the colour is passing
  • Washable and useable for hot printing and high frequency.






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