E.C.O. KOSMOS Collection

Ecological, Conversion, Optimisation.

The highest quality ingredients, fully traceable, transparent and 100% Made in Italy know-how, a new generation of footwear, accessories and fashion.

Eco Kosmos

Respect for the environment

Italian Converter means an ethical approach with attention to environmental impact, maximum care, monitoring the transformation processes and improved quality.
Italian Converter is investment in people and work quality with great attention given to market trends.
All of the E.C.O. KOSMOS references, as well as the top-quality materials that compose them, boast multiple certifications. The production process is itself transparent, including the use of water-based resins and certified dyes.

Circular economy

Through a circular economy, Italian Converter has created this line and changed the production method, choosing the more complex path in order to give importance to what are called "values."
Innovation becomes style.
Quality becomes sustainable, transparent design.