Sustainability? It’s all about details.

This is the case for Italian Converter products: top quality ingredients, fully traceable, transparent and 100% Made in Italy know-how. For footwear, accessories, new generation fashion.

Italian Converter means an ethical approach and attention to the environmental impact, maximum care and monitoring of the transformation processes and quality improvement.

Italian Converter is investing in people and in the quality of work, and great attention to market trends.

We strongly believe in sustainability.

In the last 3 years, the market has changed and with it the needs of the players of the sector. While Italian Converter continues its path in building a supply chain that respects the parameters of its RSL, customers are also focusing their attention on sustainability, with

requests to adhere to their parameters that recently have grown exponentially.

A virtuous circle that proves the commitment and the attention to the most important topic of the moment.

“Sustainability” also means respect for workers, consumers and human rights.

Innovation becomes style.

It’s from this path made of values, innovation and determination that the new E.C.O. KOSMOS: Ecologic, Conversion, Optimization collection comes from: Ecologic, Conversion, Optimization

All E.C.O. KOSMOS references, as well as the first-choice materials that compose them, boast multiple certifications. The production process itself is transparent and includes the use of water-based resins and certified dyes.

Innovation becomes style. Quality becomes sustainable and transparent design