About Us

About Us

The company Italian Converter was established in 1994 and produces innovative fabrics for footwear, leather goods, clothing and furnishings.
Our mission is to create your desired fabrics, helping you impress your customers and fascinate the general public. This is why we work with the largest national and international Fashion Houses, constantly creating unique, high-quality pieces.

Thanks to our constant research into new materials and machinery, we have designed and developed the BISTRETCH technique, which allows us to create revolutionary fabrics which are elastic on both sides, especially resistant and difficult to imitate.

Our Mission

We strongly believe that innovation is the secret to success.

For this reason, we invest most of our time in researching new materials, processes and technologies, in order to maintain the highest-level quality standard.

Our customers expect elaborate, quality workmanship and we do our utmost to exceed both our expectations and our customers’.

How Italian Cconverter Was Established

Italian Converter was built on Costantino Karazissis’s passion for fabrics: a young footwear sales agent looking to develop his professional life who had sensed the need for change.

Constantino was a representative of large and small companies, and traveled the world in search of new customers and opportunities. He understood his customers’ need for innovation and would return home from these companies full of new projects he hoped to turn into reality.

But he continuously went up against closed doors and discouraged entrepreneurs.

Tired of repeating this cycle, Constantino made a decision that would literally change his life. He decided to create his company from scratch with the aim of giving rise to change and seeing the creation of what was, according to most, impossible to create.

This is how Italian Converter opened its doors in 1994.

The team

Costantino Karazissis

Italian Converter's Founder

from Greece but deeply in love with Italy, he united technological innovation with his passion for fabrics to create Italian Converter.

Teodora Karazissis

Commercial Director

She’s always looking for solutions, she consults with the team with the single aim to always do better and to satisfy the customers.

Yorgo Karazissis

Bonding & Ennoblement Director

He “directs traffic” where the machinery is involved, every day he takes part in the production cycle.
He loves team work and successful projects.

Caterina Karazissis


She observes and senses emotions to turn them into colours, pictures and words.

The team

Our team includes over 120 people who work in synergy with the goal of working alongside you to create your designs and the best fabrics for your collection.