Extract editor’s letter: Kama Krystel


“The second issue of Å Journal is a tribute to the sun. My everyday life is anchored by photographic projects where we’re working a lot with natural light, so we often rely on
this powerful star. Sun is our biggest ally after all; it is the most important source of energy on Earth. Life would simply be impossible without it. It bathes our world with warm sunlight, sustains liquid water and can often comfort the sorrows of our body and mind.
This publication has emerged from my endless search for awareness. I’ve often thought that in our daily lives we focus excessively on the unnatural things, which bring us a sense of imbalance and anxiety in the long term. We are the prisoners of our own creations…”

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Kintsugi project from Eesome:

‘Nearly Whole’ is a range of broken ceramics from Eesome, fixed using the 500 year old Japanese technique of Kintsugi.

As well as vintage ceramics, Eesome has partnered with friend and local ceramisist Kana London, turning devastating breaks into beautiful new pieces with new value.

This is a project aimed at prolong the life of household ceramics once they have broken. The project borrows the ethos and process of Kintsugi, in which a break in an item is celebrated with a precious golden join. The breaks become part of the items history and future story, the broken item is given new value and purpose. The technique is closely connected with the Japanese philosophy Wabi-Sabi, finding beauty in imperfection.

At a time when people are becoming more environmentally conscious, and attitudes are changing towards mass-production, consumption and waste, reusing and re-purposing are valuable actions. Kintsugi offers a creative solution to discarding sentimental or functional

items. Eesome hopes to draw attention to our throw away culture, and start a conversation about solutions for change.

Photography Thea Løvstad
Set Design Laura Tocchet
Artistic Direction and objects curation Kama Krystel